Expect More

When you work at East End Plumbing, we invest in YOU. We'll give you the tools, the training, and the support to become the best version of yourself, on the job and off.

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Our Vision

To Redefine Our Industry

Our Mission

To deliver a wow experience by always doing the right thing for our customers and employees

Our Values

Service. Honor. Integrity. Respect. Tenacity.

We Work Hard

With over 50 years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing, East End is well known and respected in west and central Michigan. We pride ourselves on our dedication to high-quality service and making every customer a loyal customer. We also want to make every employee a loyal employee. We believe in a world where employees are fulfilled by their work and go home to create happier families. Those happy families spread ripples of positivity in their communities, and we believe this ripple effect can change the world.

Our Culture

We Work Together

Gone are the days of having to be a one man show. When you join the team at East End, you're supported by a full office staff that handles everything from marketing to scheduling to payroll. All you have to do is what you've trained to do - provide excellent plumbing service to our customers - and we've got your back on the rest.